Logo Design

For a new business, getting the company brand and image right could be your wisest investment. A well designed logo and smart stationery will present a professional image of your company to potential clients. It will give them confidence to know that you take your work seriously and that quality of service matters to you. Even well established companies can overlook the way in which they are presented to the wider world. They may have a very skilled workforce and a great product, with high professional standards, but if their logo has been ‘designed’ by the MD or ‘someone in the office’, the public image of that company will be at odds with their true values. This can cause doubt in the minds of potential clients. And lost sales. When introduced to a new business, the first point of contact is normally a business card or a letterhead. We all make subliminal judgements from that first impression:

• Is the stationery good quality?

• Does the company logo look professional and is it appropriate to the service offered?

• Is the contact information laid out clearly?

What does your logo and literature say about your company? Guilfoyle Design can present your company’s professional values so that your image matches your quality of service.

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